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Linear ATC CNC Router – CKJ-L8

L813 ATC £19,900 L815 ATC £21,900

CKJ L8 ATC CNC router

ATC is an Automatic Tool Changer.

This machine is great for mass production and multiple tool changes in a single job.

Depending on the model you will have a number of tools from 6 to 12 tools in a holder

These machines have a powerful 9Kw air-cooled spindle. This machine does mean business.

  • Linear square rail on X and Y
  • Z ball screw
  • 415v 3 phase
  • 9kw air cooled spindle
  • Material positioning system with bars that rise out of the bed
  • Oil lubrication system
  • Vacuum bed with (L813) 7.5 kw vacuum pump (L815) 2no 5.5kw vacuum pumps with on/off valve operated by a switch on the control box.
  • ER32 collet system ISO30 tool cones
  • Vcarve pro design software (Aspire available at an additional cost)
  • Shanlong control system
  • Accurate to 0.02mm
  • XYZ axis (L813) 1300mm X 2500mm X 200mm XYZ axis (L815) 1500mm X 3000mm X 200mm
  • Servo drivers improving speed and performance
  • Set up and ready to run
  • Basic Training given

Vectric Vcarve Pro is fantastic user-friendly software with many tutorial videos and has the capability to import 3D files

We have a post processor on this software created by Vectric for our machines.

Free trial software is available here:

read more on the Vectric website:

Delivery of these machines will need to be done on a hiab cost for this will be calculated upon request.

CKJ L8 in action

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