CKJ CNC Pro range

We have some big announcements !

We are releasing a new range of machines which we are calling the PRO series. These machines will be servo driven. In this ever changing world time is our most valuable commodity. These machines will run up to 30,000 mm/min double the speed of our standard R series. These machines will run on Mach3 and will have a 4.5kw air cooled spindle. All of our Pro series machines will require 3 phase power.

We are now selling our own range of cutters. It is only a very small range at the moment but we aim to add to this over time. Our cutters have been vigorously tested to ensure a great finish and precision cutting.

The Shop will be getting a new look so that it's easier to find and items will listed more clearly. The shop will also be updated more frequently.

20 October 2020 : Our new look Spares Shop is now open

5 May 2021 : Lease Finance is both popular and tax efficient, see our Finance page for our cost calculator

Installed at our workshop is the CKJ-L8 Linear ATC in addition to a CKJ-S13.

The CKJ-S13 is a 1300mm x 2500mm x 250mm cutting area stone machine.

Please contact us for more information.

CKJ CNC are excited to announce that we have added BOTH, Linear and Rotary Automatic Tool Changers to our range.

An Automatic tool changer or ATC is used in CNC tools to improve the production and tool carrying capacity of the machine.
ATC changes the tool very quickly, reducing the non-productive time, and is great for mass production and for jobs that require multiple tool changes.

… one more step towards complete automation.

more info >>>

On-Line Spares Shop

Our on-line spares shop is now open, after major improvements, offering the most commonly required replacement parts.

Our shop will continue to grow in reaction to your requests for parts and our expanding range of products.

If the spare parts you require are not in the shop, please contact us, we will add them to the shop as soon as possible.

With over 30 years experience in the joinery trade, we know how CNC machines can transform your workshop. CNC routing simply and economically gives that extra special finish to your joinery.

We imported our first CNC router in 2013 and still use it today in our kitchen manufacturing workshop.

It wasn't long before we were supplying these machines to workshops throughout the UK, for joinery, sign-writing and special effects companies. Easy to set-up and use.

  • See CNC Router in action in our production workshop
  • Examine sample products in our showroom
  • Try before you buy, in our workshop
  • Economically produce bespoke products
  • Great for repeat production
  • Joinery Shop - Bespoke Cabinets / Kitchen Units etc
  • Marketing Industry - Display units / Racks etc
  • Shop fitters
  • Cost effective
  • Training at our workshop
  • Telephone technical support provided
  • Complete package, all hardware and software supplied - ready to start work.
  • Engrave glass - Cut grooves etc (cooling and suitable bit required)
  • Engraving on Metals
  • Engraving & Routing of Acrylics, MDF, Various woods, Composites (Dibond) etc
  • Finance available

CKJCNC are proud sponsors of Horsley United AFC